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Lost alum Mark Pellegrino, who played Jacob on the hit ABC series, is reuniting with Lost co-showrunner Carlton Cuse. Pellegrino has been tapped as a lead in Cuse’s 10-episode straight-to-series A&E drama The Returned. Cuse wrote the first episode, and he and Raelle Tucker will write and executive produce the supernatural/suspense drama, an adaptation of the acclaimed French series. The Returned, from A+E Studios and Fremantle Media North America, focuses on a small town that is turned upside down when several local people, who have been long presumed dead suddenly reappear, bringing with them both positive and detrimental consequences. Pellegrino will play the rugged Jack, father of 20-year-old twin girls Lena, and Camille, who died in a school bus crash four years ago at age 16 and are now coming back.


Thanks to crowleysdelicateass,  sabrielwings, and thedreadcat, I’ve got some awesome photos from Asylum 12 to share with you!

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Horrible news everyone, The Tomorrow People has been canceled.

Despite its Arrow lead-in for its first few months, The Tomorrow People couldn’t manage to garner enough of an audience to merit renewal, especially after The 100 — which has been renewed — did better in the same timeslot.


What Morgan, John and the Founder mean to Jedikiah.

Arguably the most fascinating character on The Tomorrow People is the show’s antagonist. Played by Mark Pellegrino, Jedikiah has relentlessly pursued the Tomorrow People since the show began, while also revealing plenty of intriguing layers along the way.

This Wednesday is the show’s midseason finale and I spoke to Pellegrino about what to expect and what’s at stake for Jedikiah, on the heels of the revelation that he is secretly romantically involved with Morgan (Carly Pope), who is herself one of the Tomorrow People.

IGN TV: We’ve learned a lot about Jedikiah in the last couple episodes. First and foremost is this revelation about Morgan. He’s been seemingly so single-minded in saying “These people are dangerous. These people could hurt us.” Then to find out who he’s involved with, what do you think that says about this guy?

Mark Pellegrino: It’s one of those things where the general and the particular don’t necessarily meet up. In the general, it’s true, my education tells me that the superior species will destroy the inferior species, and will do it without mercy. It will happen like it’s destined to happen. But in the particular, there are people who don’t fit into that generalized mold, and Morgan is one of those. We connected on a very, very deep level, and you can’t control who you fall in love with anyway. It doesn’t matter what your philosophy of life is. You fall in love with who you fall in love with, plain and simple.

IGN: Clearly, though, this is a very dangerous thing for him as far as where he works and the people he works with. Will that danger be something that will be causing some problems for him anytime soon, as I suspect it might?

Pellegrino: Indeed, indeed it will. That to me is just a measure of his affection for her. He’s willing to do things that put him at risk because of the way he feels about this person. Yes, it is a kind of mistake for somebody who has an organization devoted to wiping out these people to be practically hitched to one of them. He can become a great liability, and it could be used against him, from Ultra or the Tomorrow People.

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