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What Morgan, John and the Founder mean to Jedikiah.

Arguably the most fascinating character on The Tomorrow People is the show’s antagonist. Played by Mark Pellegrino, Jedikiah has relentlessly pursued the Tomorrow People since the show began, while also revealing plenty of intriguing layers along the way.

This Wednesday is the show’s midseason finale and I spoke to Pellegrino about what to expect and what’s at stake for Jedikiah, on the heels of the revelation that he is secretly romantically involved with Morgan (Carly Pope), who is herself one of the Tomorrow People.

IGN TV: We’ve learned a lot about Jedikiah in the last couple episodes. First and foremost is this revelation about Morgan. He’s been seemingly so single-minded in saying “These people are dangerous. These people could hurt us.” Then to find out who he’s involved with, what do you think that says about this guy?

Mark Pellegrino: It’s one of those things where the general and the particular don’t necessarily meet up. In the general, it’s true, my education tells me that the superior species will destroy the inferior species, and will do it without mercy. It will happen like it’s destined to happen. But in the particular, there are people who don’t fit into that generalized mold, and Morgan is one of those. We connected on a very, very deep level, and you can’t control who you fall in love with anyway. It doesn’t matter what your philosophy of life is. You fall in love with who you fall in love with, plain and simple.

IGN: Clearly, though, this is a very dangerous thing for him as far as where he works and the people he works with. Will that danger be something that will be causing some problems for him anytime soon, as I suspect it might?

Pellegrino: Indeed, indeed it will. That to me is just a measure of his affection for her. He’s willing to do things that put him at risk because of the way he feels about this person. Yes, it is a kind of mistake for somebody who has an organization devoted to wiping out these people to be practically hitched to one of them. He can become a great liability, and it could be used against him, from Ultra or the Tomorrow People.

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Wednesday’s episode, “Thanatos,” dives deeper into Jedikiah and John’s past history, with Pellegrino hinting: “You start to see that the compartmentalization you thought [Jedikiah] could do so well, he can’t do so well.”

There may be more to Jedikiah than meets the eye on The Tomorrow People.

In Wednesday’s episode, “Thanatos,” Stephen (Robbie Amell) hatches a plan to unearth information for what he believes will be key to finding out the whereabouts of his father Jack (Jeffrey Pierce), the savior of the Tomorrow People. The plan that he and the others concoct includes getting inside Jedikiah’s (Mark Pellegrino) head.

“Jedikiah is becoming a very surprising and very complicated character,” Pellegrino tells The Hollywood Reporter, admitting that even he is shocked by the turn of events The CW drama has taken thus far. But things start to get hairy for Jedikiah and the Tomorrow People when the original plan starts to unravel.

In a chat with THR, Pellegrino discusses Jedikiah romancing the enemy, his strained relationship with John and whether Jedikiah really isn’t as bad as he seems.

Jedikiah cavorting with the enemy in Morgan (Carly Pope), a part of the Tomorrow People species he wishes to eradicate, certainly has its complications. Should we expect murky waters ahead?

As a politician, as somebody who carries the party line that the Tomorrow People need to be eliminated, it’s a very difficult thing. He’s blackmail-able. All the other forces that are lined up at Ultra — and they’re not all for Jedikiah — could use that as a tool to ruin him. There’s a part of me that believes that he’s a true believer and he does believe that the species of the Tomorrow People has evolved to take them out basically. The superior species beats the inferior species, but things are so complicated at Ultra. I’m not sure that what he’s thinking or saying is exactly what he’s thinking or saying.

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“Where are we going, Morgan?” Mark Pellegrino said while rubbing the sides of his head in frustration.

No, this isn’t a scene from the hit CW series, The Tomorrow People, but a moment from our recent chat with the actor at the Creation Entertainment Supernatural convention in Burbank.

The charismatic Pellegrino, who plays Jedikiah, the mysterious and powerful honcho of Ultra on the freshman CW series, is front and center in The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 8 as we delve deeper into the past of John (Luke MItchell) and, of course, the present day with Stephen (Robbie Amell). And what about the fact that he’s bedding one of the Tomorrow People, Morgan (Carly Pope)?

Check out Pelligrino’s take on what’s going down as well as hinting at when we may see more of Jedikiah’s past with Jack Jameson (aka Roger Price and the father of Stephen). [Note: tonight's episode is also the first episode featuring Nicholas Young, who starred as John in the original series]


Reminder: Be sure to watch The Tomorrow People tonight! It’s going to be a good one. Don’t miss it!

Mark Pellegrino has played some badass roles. His parts on “Dexter,” “Supernatural,” “Being Human,” and “The Closer” – among others – shined brightly as fan-favorites. And let’s not forget his portrayal of Jacob on ABC’s “Lost.”

However, beyond the dark characters he seems to portray onscreen (which he believes find him more than he finds them), Pellegrino appears to be a true admirer of the craft of acting. Which is probably why he has chosen to remain always fresh in the business he loves so much by not only doing but also teaching.

Pellegrino’s newest project – “The Tomorrow People” – premiered back in October on the CW network. The actor was kind enough to spend some time talking to me for The Smoking Jacket about his new series, how he approaches a character, and why the antagonist is the most intriguing part of a story.


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Congrats to the cast of The Tomorrow People, as the CW has picked up the show for a full season!

The Tomorrow People debuted to 2.3 million viewers and an 0.8 rating. The most recent episode grabbed 1.6 million and a 0.6 rating. Reign launched to 1.8 million and a 0.6 rating, and its latest episode nabbed 1.7 million and a 0.6 rating.

“In just a few seasons, we have built a much stronger prime-time schedule. Our on-air ratings are up year to year, and our digital viewing continues to grow exponentially,” The CW’s President, Mark Pedowitz, said in a statement. “We’re excited about the creative momentum the producers have established for all three of our new series, and now our fans will have the chance to see the full stories unfold for them this season. With the additional episodes ordered, plus two new dramas and new reality for midseason, we’ll be able to continue our commitment to adding more original programming all year long.”


mp-smalThe prolific actor also talks SUPERNATURAL, BEING HUMAN and LOST -

Chances are excellent that any and every fan of genre television has seen Mark Pellegrino’s work. The Los Angeles-born actor has played Rita’s awful ex-husband Paul onDEXTER, the savior-like Jacob on LOST, vampire leader Bishop on the U.S. version of BEING HUMAN, post-apocalyptic survivor Jeremy Baker on REVOLUTION and Lucifer himself on SUPERNATURAL.

Now Pellegrino is a series regular on the CW’s new series THE TOMORROW PEOPLE. The title characters are people, largely adolescents, who have abilities that mark them as the next step in human evolution. Pellegrino’s character Jedekiah Price claims that he is concerned these super-powered folks may wipe out ordinary humans, but it’s possible he has ulterior motives for his actions.

At a party thrown by CBS, the CW and Showtime for the Television Critics Association, Pellegrino explains Jedekiah in more detail.

MARK PELLEGRINO: I guess you would call me the man who challenges the heroes of the story and makes them know their worth. I am the possible villain.

AX: So far, it’s unclear if Jedekiah is trying to de-power the people or actually trying to harness their powers for some other purpose which is yet unknown.

PELLEGRINO: I think it’s situational. I think I am experimenting and figuring out the depths of their powers, and if they’re not harmful to society, I de-power them and if they are harmful to society, I take them out. I’m protecting the human race, so as far as I’m concerned, you’ve got to do dirty things sometimes to protect four, five, six billion people, however many folks are populating the planet.

AX: Do you see any similarities between Jedekiah and your BEING HUMAN vampire Bishop?

PELLEGRINO: I think I do, because Bishop had societal aims as well, but his is more kind of coming out from under oppression and coming out of the closet and making vampires the ruling class of society. I think Jedekiah’s more about survival.

AX: But both characters sort of take young people and say, “This is the thing to do.”

PELLEGRINO: Indeed, they have to recruit for their cause. They’re both men who have causes.

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