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pellegrinofanxAs it turns out, Mark Pellegrino has read “The Walking Dead” comics three times.

“I’m a zombiephile. I would be a zombie rights activists if zombies were around,” the actor said, toward the end of a Thursday afternoon panel at Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX pop culture convention in Salt Lake City. And if the zombie apocalypse broke out, he might be helpful to fend them off; he’s recently taken up archery.

Of course, the “Supernatural” alumnus is quite familiar with the dead: He’s famous for his turn as Lucifer on The CW hit show about monster-hunting brothers. Most of the throngs of fans who filled the Salt Palace Convention Center’s south ballroom wanted to know more about his character: Why he was so good at playing him, what was his most difficult scene to film, and what was his favorite way of torturing Sam Winchester.

Here’s what else we learned from The Devil himself.
• Pellegrino’s “Hell is cold” scene in “Supernatural” was his hardest to shoot, “because Jared farted before we started filming, more than once.”

• When Lucifer was torturing Sam inside his mind, Pellegrino joked that he showed Sam “selfies, over and over and over again.”

• What was it like playing the most evil being in Judeo-Christian religion? “Fantastically liberating.”

• He’s disappointed that Paul didn’t last longer on “Dexter.” Pellegrino was “totally bummed by that ending” for the character, and initially thought Paul would go on to become a foil to Dexter.

• Why does he play villains like Lucifer so well? The way Pellegrino sees it, the “Supernatural” writers didn’t make their version of the fallen angel pure evil; he was complex. “They write bad guys in a much more complex way now… so that there’s a little good in the bad guy.”

• When a fan asked him if it hurt when he fell from Heaven? “It hurt so good.”

• Jacob, his Messeniac character from “Lost,” was supposed to know the mysteries of the island. Pellegrino said he never knew anything about where the final season was going. But he did get a useful insight into his character when director Jack Bender told him three words: “Jesus the Carpenter.”


Mark will be on Last Call with Carson Daly tonight at 1:35am ET/12:35am CT on NBC. Don’t miss it!

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It was over a year ago when a movie called “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” impressed us at Fantastic Fest, leading our critic Todd Gilchrist to declare in his review that it “offers the kind of clean, elegant storytelling whose emotional impact eclipses the cosmetic horrors of its counterparts while announcing the arrival of considerable new filmmaking talents.” It’s taken a little while, but the movie has now circled back onto our radar with a shorter, punchier title — “Bad Turn Worse” — and today we have an exclusive clip that we hope spurs you to check this one out.

From directors Simon and Zeke Hawkins, and starring Jeremy Allen White, Mackenzie Davis, Logan HuffmanMark Pellegrino andWilliam Devane, the story follow three teens in debt to a local gangster. Looking to square the balance sheet, the teens agree to rip off the gangster’s boss, and as you might surmise from the title, things do not go well. And as you’ll see in this darkly comic exclusive scene, local law enforcement may not be the most useful place to turn when facing trouble.

Winner of the 2013 AFI Fest Audience Award, “Bad Turn Worse” opens in limited release and on VOD via Starz Digital Media on November 14th.

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(Thanks to Monica for sending these over!)

Mark Pellegrino has been in so many cool series like Lost, Being Human, Dexter, Supernatural and The Tomorrow People to name a few. He has a great new movie coming out on November 14 in theaters and VOD from Starz Digital Media called ‘Bad Turn Worse.’ We talked about the movie and some of his TV series.

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